About US

At world statistics, we believe that data and information can be powerful tools for understanding the world around us. Our mission is to use striking visuals to bring important stories to life, helping make complex topics more accessible and engaging.

Founded in 2024, world statistics creates dynamic data visualizations, infographics, and explainer videos on a wide range of subjects. From business and investing to technology and global trends, we take raw data and present it in a compelling visual format that resonates with our readers.

Our work has been featured by media outlets such as Bloomberg, Forbes, Business Insider, and The World Economic Forum. We collaborate with subject matter experts, research firms, and organizations big and small to bring clarity to complex issues.

At our core, we are dedicated storytellers and visualizers. We believe that by harnessing the power of visuals, we can make sense of the rapidly changing world and help people make more informed decisions. Join us as we continue to pioneer new ways of making data beautiful.