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In 2022, India was the top diamond exporter, sending out $23.9 billion worth of diamonds. This made up 19.1% of all diamond exports worldwide1. The US, UAE, Hong Kong, and Belgium were also among the top five1. Together, these five countries made up 66.6% of diamond sales globally that year1.

Rank Country Flag Export Value (USD)
1 India 🇮🇳 $24,158,889,170
2 U. Arab Emirates 🇦🇪 $19,888,283,717
3 United States 🇺🇸 $16,832,826,321
4 Hong Kong 🇭🇰 $14,644,429,788
5 Belgium 🇧🇪 $9,676,842,231
6 Israel 🇮🇱 $6,567,997,320
7 Russia 🇷🇺 $4,701,745,804
8 Botswana 🇧🇼 $4,333,566,362
9 South Africa 🇿🇦 $2,053,982,201
10 Angola 🇦🇴 $2,001,486,650
11 China 🇨🇳 $1,934,873,674
12 Namibia 🇳🇦 $1,613,115,805
13 Canada 🇨🇦 $1,520,161,070
14 Switzerland 🇨🇭 $1,425,512,255
15 Thailand 🇹🇭 $1,288,878,544
16 Vietnam 🇻🇳 $598,406,969
17 Armenia 🇦🇲 $589,069,161
18 Singapore 🇸🇬 $577,268,154
19 Lebanon 🇱🇧 $440,570,055
20 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 $433,319,716

The total value of diamonds exported worldwide was $125.2 billion in 20221. Asia was the main source of these exports, with 56.9% coming from there1. Countries like Thailand, Singapore, Angola, and Israel saw big increases in diamond exports that year1.

Key Takeaways

  • India was the world’s biggest diamond exporter in 2022, accounting for 19.1% of global diamond exports.
  • The top 5 diamond exporters – India, USA, UAE, Hong Kong, and Belgium – generated 66.6% of international diamond sales in 2022.
  • Asia led global diamond exports, contributing 56.9% of the $125.2 billion in diamonds exported worldwide.
  • The fastest-growing diamond exporters in 2022 were Thailand, Singapore, Angola, and Israel.
  • The global diamond trade is dominated by major players like De Beers, ALROSA, and Rio Tinto Group.

India: The Reigning Leader in Diamond Exports

Global Diamond Exports 2023

Global Diamond Exports 2023

Source: Diamond Exports Data 2023

India is a top player in the global diamond trade, leading as the biggest diamond exporter2. In 2022, it exported $23.9 billion worth of diamonds, making up 19.1% of the world’s diamond exports2. This shows India’s skill in cutting and polishing diamonds, developed over many years.

India’s Dominance in the Global Diamond Trade

Surat is the heart of India’s diamond industry, processing 90% of the world’s rough diamonds3. India’s skills in cutting and polishing, along with a skilled workforce and supportive policies, drive its diamond export success2. Diamond exports from India have been growing, but there was a 3.3% drop in 2022.

The lab-grown diamond industry in India is booming, with a big increase in polished diamond exports in 20233. However, the value of these exports fell by nearly 20%3. Lab-grown rough diamond imports also went up by 31% in volume but dropped by 24% in value3. This shows the fast growth of the industry and the growing demand for these diamonds.

The lab-grown diamond industry in India is growing fast, with 8,000 to 10,000 reactors now in use, up from a few years ago3. This growth is partly due to a drop in polished natural diamond production, which has helped the cutting and polishing units3. The industry is also becoming more concentrated, with about 10 major groups and smaller investors joining them3.

India’s leadership in the diamond trade is also due to its efficiency2. It can cut diamonds for just $10 per carat, much cheaper than the $100 per carat in the US2. This makes India a top choice for diamond processing, keeping it as the world’s largest exporter2.

Even with challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and a ban on Russian diamond imports, India’s diamond industry has shown it can adapt2. As the diamond market changes, India’s leadership looks set to continue. Its technical skills, cost-effectiveness, and commitment to innovation will keep it at the top234.

Key Players in the Diamond Export Market

In 2022, the top diamond exporting countries were India, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Belgium. These countries, along with Russia, Botswana, South Africa, China, and Angola, were the largest diamond exporters worldwide5. Countries like Botswana, Russia, and South Africa mine diamonds themselves. The United States, United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong are major trading centers5.

The diamond export market is very competitive. Countries compete to be top diamond exporters to meet global demand5. The top buyers include India, the United States, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and Belgium. They bought nearly three-quarters of all diamonds sold worldwide in 20225. Asia spent the most on diamonds, followed by North America and Europe5.

India leads in diamond exports, but the industry is mainly in Surat, Gujarat. Surat is home to 90% of diamond cutting and polishing6. At peak times, Surat employs about one million people6. Sanghvi & Sons has been a leading diamond exporter in India for three decades6.

CountryDiamond Exports (in $ billion)Share of Total Imports
United States$23.718.8%
Hong Kong$15.712.5%
United Arab Emirates$13.310.5%

Russia is the largest diamond exporter by volume, with Alrosa mining a third of the world’s diamonds in 20217. However, its diamond trade is worth about $4 billion a year, a small part of its exports7. The US has imposed sanctions on Russian diamond exports, affecting G7 countries that make up 70% of the global market7. India is a big market for Russian diamonds, with a major center in Surat7.

The diamond export market is complex and competitive. Countries like India and the United States lead, while Russia and the United Arab Emirates have unique roles. The global diamond trade keeps changing, driven by market shifts and the need to stay competitive.

Top Diamond Exporting Countries

“The diamond export market is a highly competitive landscape, with countries vying to maintain their positions as top suppliers to meet strong worldwide demand.”


The global diamond export market is very competitive, with a few countries leading the way8. India is at the top, thanks to its skill in cutting and polishing diamonds, a large workforce, and supportive government policies9. The United States, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Belgium also play big roles, making up most of the world’s diamond sales8.

Countries like Russia, Botswana, and Canada are key players in diamond production, making up most of the world’s rough diamonds9. Africa is the biggest producer, with Botswana and Sierra Leone being major players. Their production and exports have changed over time, showing how the diamond market is always moving10.

Knowing who leads in diamond exports helps us understand the market’s current state and where it’s going9. With strong demand and efforts from top exporters, the diamond trade is crucial for many countries’ economies8109.


What was the biggest diamond exporter in the world in 2022?

In 2022, India led the diamond exports, sending out .9 billion worth of diamonds. This made up 19.1% of all diamond exports worldwide.

Who were the other top diamond exporting countries in 2022?

The United States, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Belgium also made the top 5. Together, they exported a significant amount of diamonds.

What percentage of global diamond exports did the top 5 diamond exporters account for in 2022?

The top 5 countries made up 66.6% of all diamond sales globally in 2022.

What was the overall value of globally exported diamonds in 2022?

Diamonds worth 5.2 billion were exported worldwide in 2022. Most of these came from Asia, making up 56.9% of exports.

Which diamond exporting countries saw the fastest growth in 2022?

Countries like Thailand, Singapore, Angola, and Israel saw big increases in diamond exports. Thailand’s exports rose by 41.4%, followed closely by Singapore at 34.8%.

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