Highest Subscribers On YouTube in The World

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing site, with over 2 billion users1. It’s home to a wide range of channels, each with millions of fans. As of July 2024, MrBeast, an American YouTuber, leads with 298 million subscribers and 53.15 billion video views1. This makes him the most subscribed YouTuber and highlights YouTube’s growth and impact.

Rank Channel Name Subscribers Primary Country
1 MrBeast 266,710,523 🇺🇸 USA
2 T-Series 266,685,390 🇮🇳 India
3 Cocomelon 176,000,176 🇺🇸 USA
4 SET India 173,000,173 🇮🇳 India
5 Kids Diana Show 122,000,122 🇺🇸 USA
6 Vlad and Niki 118,000,118 🇺🇸 USA
7 Like Nastya 116,000,116 🇺🇸 USA
8 PewDiePie 111,420,111 🇸🇪 Sweden
9 Zee Music Company 107,000,107 🇮🇳 India
10 WWE 102,000,102 🇺🇸 USA
11 Goldmines 97,000,097 🇮🇳 India
12 BLACKPINK 93,800,094 🇰🇷 South Korea
13 Sony SAB 92,100,092 🇮🇳 India
14 ChuChu TV 91,300,091 🇮🇳 India
15 5-Minute Crafts 80,740,081 🇺🇸 USA

In October 2005, YouTube introduced subscriptions, changing how we watch content1. Over time, the top spots have changed often. Smosh, Brooke “Brookers” Brodack, Fred Figglehorn, PewDiePie, and T-Series have all been at the top. But MrBeast’s rise shows his engaging content and viral stunts have won over millions.

Key Takeaways

  • MrBeast is the world’s most subscribed YouTube channel with 298 million subscribers and 53.15 billion video views.
  • T-Series follows as the second most subscribed channel with 268 million subscribers and 259.26 billion views.
  • ASMR is the top search term on YouTube with 12 million searches, while MrBeast comes in second with 6.6 million searches.
  • Gaming channels like Minecraft and Fortnite remain popular among YouTube viewers.
  • Collaborating with top YouTubers can be a strategic move for marketers to expand their reach and engage with broader audiences.

MrBeast: The Titan of YouTube Subscriptions ( World no 1 Youtube )

YouTube Subscribers (as of June 1, 2024)

YouTube Subscribers (as of June 1, 2024)

Source: Social Blade, ViewStats

MrBeast, created by Jimmy Donaldson, is the top YouTube channel with 298 million subscribers as of June 20242. He is the most followed YouTube channel worldwide. His main and other channels together have 445 million subscribers, showing his huge impact2.

His Journey to the Top

MrBeast started in 2017 with 100,000 subscribers and quickly grew. He won the Streamy Awards’ Creator of the Year from 2020 to 2023. He also got the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Male Creator in 2022 and 20232.

Captivating Content and Viral Stunts

MrBeast makes amazing content that people all over the world love. He’s known for his $456,000 prize challenges and recreating the Squid Game set. His viral stunts have helped him grow his subscribers fast2. Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in 20232.

“MrBeast’s ability to create content that resonates with millions of viewers worldwide is truly remarkable. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on YouTube has elevated him to the status of a global phenomenon.”

MrBeast is the most subscribed individual and channel on YouTube3. His innovative content and charity work have made him a leader in digital entertainment243.

T-Series: The Indian Music Powerhouse

T-Series is a giant in the YouTube world, being the second most subscribed channel5. It has 266 million subscribers as of June 3, 20245. This Indian label and film company has won hearts with its Bollywood tunes and Indian pop hits5.

Bollywood Soundtracks and Indian Pop Hits

T-Series shines with its wide range of content, like music videos, trailers, and interviews5. It’s known for delivering Bollywood’s top soundtracks and Indian pop hits6.

But T-Series isn’t alone in its YouTube success6. SET India, Sony Entertainment Television’s channel, is also a big hit with 173 million subscribers5. Zee Music Company, another Indian channel, has 107 million subscribers and over 11,000 videos56.

T-Series has reached the top by focusing on great content that reaches people all over the world6. Starting in 1983, it has grown into a global sensation. T-Series keeps bringing the best of Bollywood and Indian music to YouTube5.

“T-Series’ success is a testament to the enduring appeal of Bollywood and the power of Indian music to transcend borders and unite audiences worldwide.”

Cocomelon: The Educational Sensation for Kids

Cocomelon is a top kids’ YouTube channel that has become a hit online. It has 176 million subscribers7, making it the most followed channel worldwide. The channel is known for its fun nursery rhymes and animated videos that kids love.

What makes Cocomelon so popular is its engaging content. It uses bright colors, catchy tunes, and easy-to-understand language8. The channel gets around 3.5 billion views every month, making it a giant in kids’ online entertainment. Its “Bath Song” has even reached over 5 billion views, showing how big Cocomelon is.

Despite some criticism9, Cocomelon keeps growing. It has 167 million subscribers and is loved by kids and families everywhere. This shows how popular and influential Cocomelon is.

Channel NameSubscribers (in millions)
Kids Diana Show122.07
ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs91.37
Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories75.27
El Reino Infantil64.37
Little Baby Bum41.07
Ryan’s World37.17

Cocomelon’s mix of learning and fun has made it a favorite among kids worldwide8. It has teamed up with companies like AIR Media-Tech to reach more fans globally.

Cocomelon is a leading educational channel that offers a great experience for its fans9. Its commitment to quality content has made it a top kids’ channel. It shows how educational entertainment can make a big impact in today’s digital world789.

SET India: Bollywood’s Entertainment Heavyweight

SET India shines in YouTube’s world, with 174 million fans10. It’s the fourth-most followed channel worldwide, proving it’s a big name in Bollywood entertainment10.

Since 1995, SET India has been a key player in Bollywood. It knows how to draw in viewers from all over with its mix of dramas, reality shows, and non-stop entertainment10.

Dramas, Reality Shows, and 24/7 Entertainment

SET India’s shows are all about Bollywood, offering something for everyone. You’ll find dramas that bring Indian culture to life and reality shows that let you peek into Bollywood stars’ lives10. Plus, it’s always on, so you can watch Bollywood all day, every day10.

What makes SET India stand out is its mix of great stories, famous faces, and cultural touchpoints10. It’s the top spot for fans of Bollywood, making it a leading name in Indian entertainment on YouTube10.

“SET India has become a go-to destination for those seeking the best of Bollywood entertainment, cementing its position as one of the most subscribed Indian entertainment YouTube channels and a true Bollywood entertainment heavyweight.”

Kids Diana Show: Playful Adventures for Young Viewers

The Kids Diana Show is the top kids’ entertainment YouTube channel11. It has won the hearts of young viewers all over the world with its fun content. Diana and her brother Roma, both 7, star in this English-language series. They share their exciting adventures, full of energy and creativity12.

This show is known for its great editing, regular updates, and wide reach. It’s one of the best YouTube channels for kids11. With over 121 million subscribers11 and videos getting over 1 billion views13, it’s a giant in kids’ entertainment.

The show is also making moves off YouTube. It’s planning a new series and products for kids 2-712. This move by Pocket.watch shows the show’s big potential for growth and change in kids’ media.

The show’s success comes from its fun content and focus on what kids like. It’s available in 20 languages11, reaching kids all over the world. This makes it a leader in kids’ entertainment on YouTube.

“The Kids Diana Show’s excellent editing, engaging content, and consistent uploads have made it a top-rated YouTube star in the kids’ entertainment category.”

The Kids Diana Show is the top kids’ entertainment YouTube channel11. It leads in making content that’s both fun and educational for kids everywhere13. Its ability to adapt and keep its audience engaged makes it a top spot for kids on YouTube111213.

Vlad and Niki: Brothers Conquering the Kids’ World

Vlad and Niki have become a big hit on YouTube, especially with young viewers14. Since starting in 2018, they’ve gained over 56 million subscribers on their English channel1516. This makes them one of the top kids’ YouTube channels in the world1516.

Their success shows how much they care about making fun, learning, and diverse content for kids15. Vlad and Niki, along with their parents Victoria and Sergey Vashketov15, and brother Christian15, entertain with videos on toys, cooking, and exploring different cultures.

Toy Unboxing, Cooking, and Cultural Exploration

Their channel is full of creative and educational videos16. They work with translators to reach viewers all over the world16. The brothers love to unbox toys and make their own games, making everyone watch16.

But it’s not just about toys16. Their cooking videos are a big hit, showing off their skills and introducing new foods16. They also focus on teaching languages and exploring cultures, taking viewers on a world tour16.

Their hard work has paid off16. They’ve made deals with companies like Haven Global and Playmates Toys to create more content and toys16. This has made them one of the top kids’ YouTube channels14.

popular kids youtube channel

Vlad and Niki keep growing their audience while keeping their content real and high-quality16. They might even include Christian in their videos soon, making their family even more influential14.

“Vlad dreams of following in the footsteps of YouTube’s top creator, MrBeast, illustrating the aspirations of the young content creators.”16

The Vlad and Niki channel shows how creativity, family, and passion can change the world151614. They keep making great content that teaches and entertains kids everywhere, making them one of the most popular kids’ YouTube channels today14.

Like Nastya: The Child Star Capturing Hearts

Anastasia Radzinskaya, known as Like Nastya, is just eight years old but has won over millions on YouTube. She has 116 million subscribers17. This makes her channel the seventh most popular on YouTube18. Her success comes from making videos just for kids aged 2 to 8. These videos show Nastya and her parents playing, learning, and singing together. This approach has helped the channel grow and attract more viewers17.

Like Nastya is a hit among kids and parents alike, being one of the most subscribed kids YouTube channels, popular kids YouTube channels, and top YouTube channels for children171819. Her videos are fun, educational, and perfect for families. This has made her channel a go-to place for kids’ entertainment online.

Nastya’s rise to fame shows the impact of great content. Her charm and her parents’ support have won over millions of young fans. She’s now a well-known child star and a top YouTube channel for children171819.

“Like Nastya’s success on YouTube is a true inspiration, showcasing how a child’s natural curiosity and talent, combined with the right approach, can captivate a global audience.”

Like Nastya’s story is a great example of how a focused, family-friendly channel can succeed on YouTube171819. She shows that with the right content, a child can reach and engage with people all over the world.

PewDiePie: The Gaming Icon Turned Global Phenomenon

From Online Gaming to Worldwide Recognition

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, has become a big name online. He draws in fans with his mix of gaming, challenges, reactions, and travel videos20. His rise from a gaming fan to a global star shows his hard work and the power of real, engaging content21.

He started his YouTube channel in 2010 and it has grown a lot since then. Now, he has 111 million subscribers as of June 2024, making him the fourth most popular YouTuber21. His regular videos and working with other big creators helped him become famous fast20.

PewDiePie has made a big impact off YouTube too. He was named one of TIME’s “100 most influential” people and is known all over the world20. His fun personality, easy-to-relate-to charm, and fresh content have won fans everywhere. This makes him a popular youtube gamer and one of the most subscribed youtube gaming channel stars21.

He’s also very successful financially, with a net worth of $56 million in 2023 and making $2 million a month20. His money comes from brand deals, selling merchandise, ads, and YouTube itself. Over the last ten years, his wealth has grown a lot, reaching $4 million20.

PewDiePie’s life off the internet is also interesting. He married Marzia Bisognin in 2019 and they live in Brighton and Hove, England now20. He’s open about his earnings from YouTube, keeping things honest and clear20.

PewDiePie’s hard work in making fun content has made him a gaming icon and a big deal on YouTube21. His effect on the internet is huge, and he inspires many creators and gamers22.

“PewDiePie’s consistency in uploading videos and collaborations with other YouTubers have contributed to his success, with 111 million subscribers as of June 2024.”

Zee Music Company: Bollywood’s Musical Marvel

Zee Music Company is a top name in India’s entertainment world. It’s known as the most subscribed bollywood music youtube channel, top indian music youtube channel, and popular indian music youtube channel. With over 222,000 hours of TV content and 107 million subscribers, it’s a favorite among music lovers worldwide23.

They have music for everyone, from Arijit Singh’s soulful tunes to Qaran’s catchy pop songs. Arijit Singh is a big name in Bollywood, known for his hit songs in many films23. Zee Music also offers a mix of traditional and modern music, like Talat Aziz’s “Dilkash” and “Chedkhaniyan” and “Desi Wine.”23

Zee Music appeals to all kinds of music fans. “Mere Sawaal Ka” from “Shehzada” and “Jhoome Jo Pathaan” from “Pathaan” were big hits23. Their mix of classic and new music, and support for new artists, makes them Bollywood’s Musical Marvel.

On YouTube, Zee Music is a big hit thanks to its smart strategy. They share popular Bollywood songs, help new artists, and meet the global demand for Indian music. Their ability to keep up with what people like has made them leaders in the most subscribed bollywood music youtube channel, top indian music youtube channel, and popular indian music youtube channel world23.

Song TitleArtistPopularity Insights
“Pasoori”Shae Gill and Ali SethiOver 250 million views on YouTube24
“Ko Ko Koreena”Lata MangeshkarOne of the oldest pop songs from the Indian subcontinent, released in 196624
“Dilli Sara”Kamal KhanUploaded by T-Series Apna Punjab on Sep 10, 201725
“Dil De Diya”Salman Khan and Jacqueline FernandezUploaded by Zee Music Company on Apr 27, 202125
“Awaaz”Kamal KhanUploaded by Speed Records on Sep 10, 201825

Zee Music Company’s success shows its wide appeal. It offers a mix of Bollywood hits, classics, and new talents. This makes it a top most subscribed bollywood music youtube channel, top indian music youtube channel, and popular indian music youtube channel. It’s truly Bollywood’s Musical Marvel23.

zee music company

“Zee Music Company’s ability to adapt to changing audience preferences and stay ahead of the curve has solidified its position as a dominant force in the Indian music industry.”

WWE: The Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

The WWE channel on YouTube is a huge hit, drawing in millions of fans from all over the world26. It’s the biggest wrestling promotion, hosting over 500 events yearly and reaching about 36 million viewers in more than 150 countries26. Since starting on YouTube in 2007, it made history by becoming the first sports channel to get 100 million subscribers in March 202426.

Superstars, Live Shows, and Global Appeal

WWE is the 6th most subscribed and the top Sports channel on YouTube, even beating the NBA’s channel26. This shows how popular it is worldwide and how loyal its fans are. They love the big personalities and exciting live shows that WWE is known for26. With over 82.1 billion views, WWE is the 9th most viewed channel, offering a huge collection of over 74,300 videos26.

WWE’s YouTube channel is a hit thanks to its wide range of content. Fans enjoy live events, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with famous superstars27. Its charity work, especially with the Make-A-Wish foundation, has made it a cultural icon27.

WWE stands out even more when compared to its rival, AEW27. AEW has 4 million subscribers, which is much less than WWE’s 100 million27. This achievement is seen as on par with historic events like the moon landing, showing WWE’s global impact27.

WWE’s YouTube success shows its dedication to quality content that fans love worldwide27. With big events like WrestleMania and weekly shows like Raw and SmackDown, WWE keeps being the top sports channel on YouTube26.

“WWE’s YouTube triumph is compared to iconic achievements in human history, emphasizing its cultural impact.”

ChannelSubscribersTotal Views
WWE100 million82.1 billion
AEW4 millionN/A

WWE’s YouTube success shows its commitment to quality content that fans worldwide love27. With events like WrestleMania and weekly shows, WWE keeps being the top sports channel on YouTube262727.

highest subscribers on youtube in the world

YouTube has become a global platform that captures the attention of people everywhere. It’s the biggest video-sharing site, filled with a wide range of content creators. A few channels have gained a huge number of subscribers, making them the most-watched and influential on YouTube28.

MrBeast leads with 298 million subscribers as of July 202428. He’s known for his big stunts and charity work. This has made him the no 1 youtube channel in terms of subscribers28.

T-Series, an Indian music channel, is close behind with 269 million subscribers5. It’s famous for its Bollywood music and videos. This content reaches a wide audience worldwide5.

Cocomelon, a channel for kids, rounds out the top three with 178 million subscribers28. It’s known for its fun and educational videos. This has made it a favorite among children everywhere28.

The list of top YouTube channels is diverse, covering many genres and languages28. Most of the top 10 channels make content in English. But 17 channels use Hindi, showing YouTube’s global reach28.

All 50 channels in the list have over 52 million subscribers, showing YouTube’s huge impact28. Only MrBeast and T-Series have more than 200 million subscribers28.

Other big names include SET India, Kids Diana Show, Vlad and Niki, Like Nastya, PewDiePie, Zee Music Company, and WWE5.

The battle for the most subscribers on YouTube is always intense. Creators keep coming up with new ideas. This shows how powerful and influential YouTube is as a global entertainment platform28.

The Ever-Evolving Landscape of YouTube Stardom

The most-subscribed YouTube channels have seen big changes over time. Since 2005, when YouTube started tracking subscriptions, many channels have been at the top29. This shows how the platform is always changing, thanks to creators and their fans.

Now, many top channels have over 100 million subscribers29. MrBeast and T-Series have even hit 200 million, making them YouTube’s biggest stars3029. Their success shows how important it is to make engaging content and connect with people all over the world.

YouTube now has a wide range of content, from gaming with PewDiePie to learning with Cocomelon3029. This variety shows YouTube’s ability to support different types of creators. It also means the competition for the most subscribers is always exciting and new.


What are the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world?

The top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels in the world as of June 2024 are:1. MrBeast – 298 million subscribers2. T-Series – 269 million subscribers3. Cocomelon – 178 million subscribers4. SET India – 174 million subscribers5. Kids Diana Show – 123 million subscribers6. Vlad and Niki – 120 million subscribers7. Like Nastya – 116 million subscribers8. PewDiePie – 111 million subscribers9. Zee Music Company – 107 million subscribers10. WWE – 102 million subscribers

Who is the world’s most subscribed YouTuber?

The American YouTube personality MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is the most-subscribed individual on YouTube. He has 298 million subscribers as of July 2024.

How did MrBeast become the world’s most subscribed YouTuber?

MrBeast started gaining fame in 2017. He hit the 100,000-subscriber mark. Since then, he’s become famous for his viral stunts and challenges. His content, including a Squid Game set recreation, has built a huge fan base.

What makes T-Series the second most subscribed YouTube channel?

T-Series is an Indian record label and film production company. It’s the second most-subscribed YouTube channel, with 269 million subscribers. Its success comes from Bollywood soundtracks and Indian pop music.

Why is Cocomelon one of the most subscribed YouTube channels?

Cocomelon is a kids’ YouTube channel, ranking third in subscribers. It’s loved for its nursery rhymes and educational content. This makes it the best channel for kids.

What makes SET India one of the most subscribed YouTube channels?

SET India is a Hindi entertainment channel, with 174 million subscribers. It’s one of the oldest in the Bollywood industry. It offers dramas, reality shows, and 24/7 entertainment.

How did Kids Diana Show become a top-rated YouTube channel for young viewers?

Kids Diana Show is an English-language series for children. It features Diana and her brother Roma in fun videos. The channel is popular for its great editing and engaging content.

What makes Vlad and Niki one of the most-viewed YouTube channels among kids?

Vlad and Niki is a channel by American-born brothers Vladislav and Nikita Vashketov. They offer entertainment and educational content, like cooking and cultural lessons.

How has Like Nastya become a sensation on YouTube?

Like Nastya, an eight-year-old, has become a YouTube sensation with her family-friendly content. The channel targets children aged 2 to 8. It features Nastya and her parents in various activities.

What has made PewDiePie a global phenomenon?

PewDiePie, or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is known for his diverse content, including gaming and challenges. He has 111 million subscribers. His success has made him a global name, even landing on TIME’s “100 most influential” list.

What makes Zee Music Company one of the most subscribed YouTube channels?

Zee Music Company is a leading entertainment company in India. It has 107 million subscribers and a vast library of content. Its appeal lies in its Bollywood music, loved by over a billion music lovers worldwide.

Why is the WWE channel one of the most subscribed on YouTube?

The WWE channel has 102 million subscribers. It offers entertaining content featuring WWE superstars and live shows. Its popularity comes from its global audience and effective promotion.

How has the list of the most subscribed YouTube channels evolved over time?

The list of most-subscribed YouTube channels has changed a lot over the years. Since 2005, at least 11 different channels have been at the top. This shows how YouTube has grown and changed as a platform for creators and fans.

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