The Most Visited Country in the World

France was the top pick for tourists around the globe in 2022, as per the UNWTO. It saw about 80 million visitors from other countries. This number was up by 64% from the previous year.

In 2021, it had 90.9 million visitors. But, this was before the pandemic hit, so fewer tourists came since then.12

Key Takeaways

  • France was the world’s most visited country in 2022, welcoming around 80 million international tourists.
  • Spain was the second most visited country, drawing 72 million international visitors in 2022.
  • The United States was the third most visited country, hosting 51 million visitors post-COVID.
  • Italy saw 50 million visitors in 2022, marking an 85% increase since the pandemic.
  • Türkiye (Turkey) welcomed 51 million tourists, with a growth rate of 69% since COVID-19.

France: The World’s Most Visited Country

RankCountryRegionTourists (millions)
1🇫🇷 FranceEurope100
2🇪🇸 SpainEurope85
3🇺🇸 United StatesNorth America67
4🇮🇹 ItalyEurope57
5🇹🇷 TürkiyeEurope/Asia55
6🇲🇽 MexicoNorth America42
7🇬🇧 United KingdomEurope37
8🇨🇳 ChinaAsia36
9🇩🇪 GermanyEurope35
10🇬🇷 GreeceEurope33

France has been the top spot for visitors worldwide for more than 30 years. It welcomed about 90 million visitors in 2019 alone.3 Tourism makes up 8% of its economy.3 Its history, amazing buildings, and culture are unbeatable. This makes France a dream for tourists everywhere.4

The Eiffel Tower and Other Iconic Landmarks

From Paris’ Eiffel Tower to the castles in the Loire Valley, France is full of famous places.4 Over 20 skiing resorts in the French Alps attract many European visitors in winter.4 Disneyland Paris drew over 9.7 million guests in 2019. This was more than the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre saw.4

French Cuisine and Wine

France isn’t just known for its sights but also its food and wine.4 The French Riviera is sunny for 300 days yearly. It has miles of coastline, golf courses, and thousands of restaurants.4 The country’s food is a huge part of its culture, with each region having its own special dishes. These traditions go way back.

Paris: A Global Cultural Hub

Paris, as the main city, is a big draw for culture lovers. It’s the world’s third most visited city. Famous places like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are there.4 Paris also has top museums with works by famous artists like Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Picasso.

Spain: A Close Second in Visitor Arrivals

Spain ranks as the world’s second most visited country. It welcomed 71.7 million global tourists in 2022, which is a 130% jump from the year before. However, this number still lags behind the levels of 2019.5

One top spot in Spain is Barcelona. It’s famous for its stunning architecture and deep cultural roots.

Barcelona’s Architectural Marvels

Barcelona stands out for its unique architecture. Many of its iconic buildings are the work of architect Antoni Gaudí. His masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, is a major tourist draw.

Many flock to this landmark to see its detailed and unusual design.5

Barcelona is also home to Gaudí’s other works. These include the surreal Park Güell and Casa Batlló, which looks like a dragon’s scales on its exterior.

The Costa del Sol and Other Coastal Attractions

Spain’s coastal areas attract a lot of attention too. The Costa del Sol is a favorite spot for tourists. It’s in Andalusia, the southern part of Spain.6

This part of Spain is very close to North Africa. It’s Europe’s warmest area, with temperatures soaring up to 122°F in summer and fall. Apart from the Costa del Sol, Spain’s Mediterranean coast offers many charming towns and resorts, like those on the Costa Brava and the Balearics.

barcelona architecture

United States: A Diverse and Expansive Destination

The United States is the world’s third most visited country. It has a variety of places to see and things to do. From coast to coast, this large land is filled with different cultures and landscapes.7 Covering about 3.8 million square miles, it includes everything from big cities like New York to the laid-back beaches of Hawaii.8

More than 331 million people call the United States home. It leads the world in economic strength, seen in its high GDP. The US is young by global standards, less than 250 years old. Its population is very diverse, reflecting centuries of immigration.8

This country’s environment is amazingly diverse. It goes from icy in the north to warm in the south. You’ll find all kinds of vistas and climates, offering something for everyone.8

America’s treasures include famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. There are also natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. These places attract millions every year, ready for fun and exploring.9

Looking for things to do in the United States? Its major cities like New York and Los Angeles buzz with life. And cities like Chicago offer plenty of food and fun. The US is packed with museums, theaters, and a rich food culture.9

DestinationInternational Arrivals
France~100 million7
SpainOver 85 million7
United StatesAround 66 million7
ChinaOver 65 million7
ItalyMore than 64 million7
TürkiyeOver 51 million7

The US offers a great mix of top destinations, landmarks, and parks. It welcomes visitors eager to explore its history, cultural richness, and amazing natural features.

Italy: Rich History, Art, and Cuisine

Italy is the fourth most visited country worldwide. It welcomed 49.8 million tourists in 2022.10 This is due to its rich history, famous art, and amazing food.

Rome, Florence, and Other Historic Cities

Italy’s historic cities pull in a lot of visitors. Rome has famous sites like the Vatican City and the Pantheon.11 Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance with art by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.11 These cities show Italy’s deep cultural roots and stunning buildings.

The Amalfi Coast and Other Natural Wonders

Italy’s nature is just as beautiful as its cities. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its beautiful cliffs and clear blue sea.10 Italy also has the Alps and gorgeous beaches on its long coastlines.

Italian Culinary Delights

Italy is famous for its amazing food and wine.10 Each region has its own special dishes. Italy’s food ranges from simple pizzas to fine dining.

natural landscapes in italy

Türkiye: A Bridge Between East and West

Türkiye, known as Turkey, is the fifth most visited country. It welcomed 50.5 million tourists in 2022. This nation sits between Europe and Asia, blending the best of both.12 It enchants visitors with its mix of cultures, history, and nature.

Istanbul’s Historic Sites

Istanbul, Türkiye’s busy capital, attracts many. It’s famous for its historic places and rich culture.13 Places like the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace show Türkiye’s past as a link between worlds.

Cappadocia and Other Natural Wonders

Although Istanbul is a highlight, Türkiye’s natural beauty shines too.13 Cappadocia stands out with its surreal landscape. It has unique rock formations and offers wonderous hot air balloon rides.

Elsewhere in Türkiye, you’ll find more beautiful spots. The Aegean and Mediterranean waters sparkle. The Taurus Mountains host adventurers. Türkiye truly bridges East and West with its diverse treasures.


What is the most visited country in the world?

In 2022, France topped the list with around 80 million international visitors. This information comes from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Why is France the most visited country in the world?

For more than 30 years, France has attracted the most visitors globally. Its incredible history, beautiful buildings, and rich culture make it a dream destination for many.

What makes France’s cuisine and wine so famous?

France is famous for its amazing food and wine. Their food culture is part of their identity. They have unique dishes that have been around for generations.

What is the significance of Paris for travelers?

Paris, as the capital, is a major cultural center. It brings in millions of people every year. Visitors enjoy its world-famous museums and see art from great artists.

What is the second most visited country in the world?

Spain came in second in 2022 with 71.7 million tourists. This was a big jump from the year before, but still not back to 2019 levels.

What are some of the top attractions in Spain?

Barcelona, known for its unique buildings, is a major spot. The Costa del Sol, with its sunny beaches, is also very popular.

What is the third most visited country in the world?

The United States ranks third in visitor numbers. It offers a wide variety of sights and experiences from coast to coast.

What is the fourth most visited country in the world?

In 2022, Italy welcomed 49.8 million tourists, making it the fourth most popular. Its allure comes from its deep history, famous art, and delicious food.

What are some of the top attractions in Italy?

Italy’s cities and natural beauty draw many visitors. The Amalfi Coast’s stunning cliffs and towns by the sea are among its top sites.

What is the fifth most visited country in the world?

Türkiye had 50.5 million visitors in 2022, putting it in fifth place. It’s known for combining European and Asian cultures in a unique way.

What are some of the top attractions in Türkiye?

Istanbul is a major destination, but Türkiye’s natural sites are also stunning. Cappadocia, with its unusual rock formations, is a must-see.

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