most popular social media in world
most popular social media in world

Today, we’re more connected than ever, and the most popular social networks show this clearly. Facebook leads the pack with 3.05 billion people using it every month.1 This means about 37% of everyone in the world is on Facebook. It’s not surprising that businesses find Facebook an amazing place to reach people from all over the globe.

Social NetworkMonthly Active UsersIcon
FB Messenger979,000,000πŸ’¬

Yet, Facebook is not the only big player. WhatsApp, a messaging app, is right behind with 2.78 billion users each month. It’s everywhere, used in over 180 countries.1 YouTube, known for its countless videos, has 2.49 billion energetic users.1 Instagram showcases its 2.04 billion users, offering a vibrant place for brands to spotlight their offerings.1

These platforms play an essential role in how we connect personally and professionally, share content, and market online. They’ve become key in our digital lives, and knowing their strengths and who uses them is critical. This knowledge helps in making smart social media plans.

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has 3.05 billion monthly active users, representing 37% of the global population.
  • WhatsApp, the leading messaging app, boasts 2.78 billion monthly active users and is used in over 180 countries.
  • YouTube, the second-largest social network, commands 2.49 billion monthly active users and is a powerful platform for video content.
  • Instagram, the visual-centric platform, has 2.04 billion monthly active users, making it a valuable channel for brands to showcase their products and services.
  • The social media landscape continues to evolve, with platforms like WeChat, TikTok, and Telegram also gaining significant traction worldwide.

Introduction to Social Media Platforms

Social media has changed how we talk, share news, and interact with companies.2 Over 4.7 billion people around the globe are on social media, which is about 60% of the Earth’s population.2 By early 2023, almost everyone was sticking to chat and social apps, with about 94% using them.2

Significance of Social Media Marketing

For companies, marketing on social media is now a must. It helps with getting the brand out, bringing people to websites, finding leads, and improving relationships with customers.2 Nearly three hours a day is spent on social media by people on the internet, aged 16 to 64.2 Half of all advertising money spent globally in 2022 was on social media and search ads.2

Factors to Consider When Choosing Social Media Platforms

When picking social media for a business, several things matter. This includes who you’re trying to reach, the best types of posts, how your brand will be seen, who else is out there, and what you want to achieve. Knowing what each popular social network is good for and who uses it helps figure out a solid plan.3 As of April 2024, there were 5.07 billion people using social media, which is 62.6% of everyone on the planet.3 The number of social media users went up by 259 million in the last year, a growth rate of 5.4%.3

No.NameCompanyCountry[b]LaunchedMonthly active usersOther metrics
1FacebookMeta PlatformsUnited States20043.070 billion[1][2]2.11 billion daily active users[1]
2YouTubeAlphabet Inc.United States20052.504 billion[3]
3WhatsAppMeta PlatformsUnited States20092 billion[3]Had 1 billion daily active users when it had 1.3 billion monthly active users[citation needed]
4InstagramMeta PlatformsUnited States20102 billion[4]500 million daily Instagram Stories users[5]
5TikTokByteDanceChina[6][7]20161.582 billion[3]
6WeChatTencentChina20111.343 billion[3]
7MessengerMeta PlatformsUnited States20111.01 billion[3]
8LinkedInMicrosoftUnited States2003930 million[8]700 million registered users[8]
9TelegramTelegramUnited Arab Emirates[9]2013900 million[10]
10SnapchatSnap Inc.United States2011800 million[11]414 million daily active users[11]
11DouyinByteDanceChina2016755 million[3]
12KuaishouKuaishouChina2011700 million[3]
13WeiboWeibo CorporationChina2009586 million[12]241 million daily active users[13]
14QQTencentChina1999554 million[3]267 million daily active users[citation needed]
15X (Twitter)X Corp.United States2006550 million[14]
16QzoneTencentChina2005517 million[15]
17RedditRedditUnited States2005500 million[16]73 million daily active users[16]
18PinterestPinterestUnited States2009498 million[3]98 million U.S. monthly active users[17]
19QuoraQuoraUnited States2009400 million[18]
20JOSHVerSe InnovationIndia2020300 million[19]
21TeamsMicrosoftUnited States2017300 million[20]145 million daily active users[21]
22SkypeMicrosoftUnited States[22]2003300 million[23]40 million daily active users[23]
23TiebaBaiduChina2003300 million[citation needed]1500 million registered users[citation needed]
24ViberRakutenCyprus2010260 million[24]1.169 billion registered users[25]
25imoPageBitesUnited States2007200 million[26]
26XiaohongshuChina2013200 million[27]
27TwitchAmazonUnited States2011180 million[28]
28LineNaverJapan[29]2011178 million[30]
29DiscordDiscordUnited States2015150 million[31]
30ThreadsMeta PlatformsUnited States2023150 million[32]
31LikeeBigo LiveSingapore[33]2017150 million[34]
32PicsartPicsartUnited States[35]
Armenia2011150 million[36]
33VevoVevoUnited States2009150 million[37]
34TumblrAutomatticUnited States2007135 million[38]
35VKVKRussia2006100 million[39]

Facebook: The Social Media Giant

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. It has over 3 billion people using it every month. This is about 37% of everyone in the world.4 For businesses, it means a chance to connect with a huge audience.45

Facebook’s Massive User Base

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004. From one million users then, it has now reached almost three billion in 2021. Half of them visit the site every day.4 In March 2022, it reported nearly 3 billion active users monthly.5 This makes it the third most popular website by October 2023.5

Business Opportunities on Facebook

Today, Meta Platforms, previously Facebook, earns $142.71 billion each year.4 It shows how big the business chances are. Facebook is open to software developers, bringing about $500 million in 2009.4 Companies can advertise and use various tools to reach users effectively.

Content Formats and Algorithms

Facebook lets users share text, images, and videos. It also has Facebook Reels and Stories. The platform’s algorithm likes posts that encourage discussions, especially among friends and family.4 This means businesses need to post content that speaks to their audience.

In 2005, Facebook became just “Facebook,” dropping “the” after paying $200,000 for That May, it got a $12.7 million investment from Accel Partners.5 It was the top app download of the 2010s, showing its long-lasting popularity in social media.5

Messaging Apps Dominate Social Media

Messaging apps are now a big deal in how people connect online.6 WhatsApp stands out, drawing in 2.4 billion users a month. It started as a way to text friends. But now, businesses use it to talk with customers through WhatsApp Business.7 Both WhatsApp and Instagram, owned by Meta, hit the 2 billion user mark each month. That shows messaging apps are key in social media.

WhatsApp: The Global Messaging Leader

6 WhatsApp leads in more than 60 countries, with 2 billion users a month. That’s about a quarter of the world’s population. Its user base grew a lot from 2016 to 2021, adding over 1 billion people.6 Every month, people download WhatsApp nearly 50 million times. In the UK, it’s used by almost 90% of mobile users. This shows how much people trust and use WhatsApp.

WeChat: China’s All-in-One Platform

7 WeChat is huge in China, with a user base of 1.31 billion. It’s the most common way people there socialize online.8 Globally, it has 1.34 billion users. WeChat is not just for talking; it’s a one-stop app for chatting, shopping, and more. This makes it a big part of daily life for many.7 As messaging apps add new features, brands see more chances to reach shoppers in places like China. This includes both personal chats and group discussions online.

Video-Sharing Platforms: YouTube and TikTok

Video-sharing sites are now a big part of social media. For example, YouTube has 2.49 billion people using it every month. This makes it the second-largest social site and the second-largest search place after Google.9 YouTube is a great place for businesses to share their videos. This is because lots of people use it to find videos on all sorts of topics.10

YouTube: The Second-Largest Search Engine

As of October 2023, YouTube has 2.5 billion people using it every month. In 2022, it made $29.24 billion. This shows how much people like watching videos there.10 Many people like using YouTube. In the U.S., about 81% of adults watch videos there. People who watch are also more likely to buy things they see in videos compared to other sites.10

TikTok: The Fastest-Growing Video App

TikTok is the quickest growing video app with 1.22 billion users each month. It has become popular because of its short videos that people love to watch.9 TikTok is special because it can make anyone or any brand very popular all around. This makes it a good place to get noticed by young people.10 In the U.S., many people between 12 and 17 use it, making up almost 18% of its users.10 They spend around 54 minutes every day watching videos on TikTok. This is even more time than they spend on YouTube every day.10

video sharing platforms

Popular Social Networks in the World

There are many social networks besides the big ones, each with its own style. Instagram is a top one, with 2.04 billion people using it every month. It focuses on sharing photos, videos, and more. This is great for showing off what a business does or sells.


Telegram is all about secure messaging and respect for privacy. It has 800 million users who like its safe way to chat. For businesses, it’s a great way to talk where no one else can listen.1 Snapchat, on the other hand, has 750 million users who love its quick-to-disappear posts and fun filters. It’s a hotspot for younger people, making it a good place for companies to find new customers.1

These days, more visual, private, and fast-moving social media are becoming popular. They offer fresh chances for businesses to engage with people. It’s all about being creative and finding new ways to connect.

Emerging Social Media Trends

Social media keeps growing with new platforms like Kuaishou becoming popular.11 Kuaishou is a Chinese video app with 673 million people using it each month. It’s a big deal in rural China, challenging TikTok’s dominance.

Sina Weibo is also making a mark, with 599 million users who love to share short updates.11 It gives companies the chance to connect with young people and join hot discussions. This shows how varied and global social media is, underlining why businesses should keep up with its changes, especially when aiming for global success.

Kuaishou: TikTok’s Chinese Rival

In China, Kuaishou is a hit with its 673 million monthly users, offering a different space for business engagement.11 It competes with TikTok strongly, especially in the countryside.

Sina Weibo: China’s Microblogging Platform

Sina Weibo, like China’s version of Twitter, pulls in 599 million people every month.11 Companies find it great for connecting with younger crowds and diving into trends. It’s a good pick for growing your social presence in China.

emerging social media trends

Social Media Growth and User Statistics

Social media platforms are growing fast with billions of users. Facebook leads with 3.06 billion MAUs, followed by YouTube (2.70 billion) and WhatsApp (2.40 billion). Messaging apps like WhatsApp and video sites like TikTok are quickly gaining users. This shows how important these platforms are for reaching people worldwide.312 Their growth means they play a big role in how we communicate, see content, and do marketing.13

Over 62.6% of the global population uses social media, or 5.07 billion people. Nearly everyone on the internet (93.3%) also uses these platforms. Users spend about 2 hours and 20 minutes on social media every day.13 However, usage varies across the world. Places like Eastern Asia see very high use, while it’s lower in others.13

Social Media PlatformMonthly Active Users (MAUs)
Facebook3.06 billion3
YouTube2.70 billion3
WhatsApp2.40 billion3
Instagram2.04 billion3
WeChat1.32 billion3
TikTok1.22 billion3
Telegram800 million3
Snapchat750 million3

The rise in social media growth user statistics is astounding. Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp are at the forefront. Plus, the growth of messaging apps and videos shows the lasting importance of social media. Businesses around the world are using these channels to connect with people and market their products effectively.13

Social Media Platforms to Watch in 2024

In 2024, some social media hotspots are starting to shine. Xiaohongshu, or RED, is making big waves. It’s a Chinese app blending features of Instagram, Pinterest, and Amazon. In 2023, it made a whopping $500 million.14 Discord, the go-to place for online group chats, is also turning heads. It has 200 million active users every month and turned down $10 billion from Microsoft.14 Reddit, a favorite for news and chats, keeps growing. It now has 430 million active users14 and focuses on real connections online. They all show how social media is changing and why businesses need to keep up.

Xiaohongshu: The Chinese Social Commerce Platform

Xiaohongshu, or RED, is a hit from China with its mix of Instagram, Pinterest, and Amazon. It’s all about users posting and promoting stuff. This Year it made a cool $500 million, showing its big potential.14

Discord: The Communication Platform for Communities

Discord is a big deal for groups online. It boasts 200 million active users. Gamers, creators, and all kinds of groups gather there. What’s amazing is that it said no to a $10 billion buyout offer from Microsoft. Clearly, it’s confident in its own future.14

Reddit: The Social News and Discussion Site

Reddit stands out for its real talks and vibrant communities. It now sees 430 million visitors each month. This focus on genuine discussions makes it a unique place. People go there for community-driven content and chats.14


Social media platforms are now key in how we connect, consume content, and market online. Top networks like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok give businesses big chances to reach global users.15 With new messaging apps, video sites, and growing networks like Xiaohongshu and Discord, it’s vital for companies to keep up with trends. This helps their social media efforts do better.13

Each big social network has its own benefits and user groups. Companies that understand this can make smart plans to grow, draw visitors to their site, get leads, and build strong customer ties.15 The number of global social media users passed 5 billion by 2024,13 showing how important these platforms are for sharing info, gathering content, and marketing all around the world.

We’ve looked at how key social networks are today for both businesses and people. By keeping up with what’s new and what users like, companies can use social media to meet their marketing and communication goals. This leads to success in the digital era.


What are the most popular social networks worldwide?

In April 2024, Statista showed the top social networks by active users. Facebook had 3.05 billion users. WhatsApp came next with 2.78 billion. YouTube was third with 2.49 billion.Instagram ranked fourth at 2.04 billion. WeChat was fifth with 1.32 billion. TikTok followed with 1.22 billion. Telegram came in at 800 million and Snapchat at 750 million.

Why is social media marketing essential for businesses?

Social media marketing is key for businesses today. It helps them make their brand known, bring people to their site, find leads, and build relationships with customers. This effort lets them connect with their ideal customers using the varied content and features of social media.

What key factors should businesses consider when choosing social media platforms?

Businesses need to think about their audience, the best content types, and their messaging. They should also look at what their competition is doing. And consider their marketing objectives.It’s important to know each network’s unique appeal and who uses it. This helps in making a good social media strategy.

What makes Facebook the largest social network worldwide?

Facebook is the biggest network with over 3 billion using it each month. That’s almost 40% of the world. It offers great chances for brands to meet their audience.With many content and feature options, Facebook helps businesses highlight what they offer. It’s a powerful marketing tool.

How have messaging apps become dominant in the social media landscape?

Messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat have become very popular. WhatsApp leads with almost 3 billion users. WeChat is first in China at 1.32 billion users. It does messaging, payments, and more.

What are the benefits of using video-sharing platforms like YouTube and TikTok for businesses?

YouTube and TikTok are great for getting videos out to people. With 2.49 billion users, YouTube is huge for finding what you need. TikTok is quickly growing and connects well with younger users.They let businesses reach new audiences with their engaging video content.

What other popular social networks are gaining traction worldwide?

Besides the big names, other networks are growing. This includes Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, Kuaishou, and Sina Weibo. They give companies chances to show what they offer to different groups and take part in new trends worldwide.

What are some of the emerging social media trends and platforms to watch in 2024?

Keep an eye on Xiaohongshu, Discord, and Reddit in 2024. Xiaohongshu is merging Instagram, Pinterest, and Amazon for commerce. Discord is for online communities. Reddit fosters real connections as it grows.

How has the growth of social media platforms impacted global communication and marketing strategies?

Social media has grown fast, with billions now using it. This impacts how we communicate, consume content, and market worldwide. Businesses need to keep up with social media trends to reach their global audiences effectively.

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